Sunday, 24 September 2017

New Home for Seisen Blogs

Seisen Elementary School blogs have moved to our school website.

Please click here to visit the new blogs.

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See you over at our new location.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

5B PE Last lesson!

Head into the summer with a few useful tips:
1). Stay active! Get outside and move!
2). Rest and relax! 
3). Have fun!! 

Have a great summer everyone and great job this year! 

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Bring Your Own Device in Grade Six

This week we are hosting two information sessions on the Bring Your Own Device initiative we run in Grade Six.  We encourage all parents to attend to discuss and explore:
  • What is BYOD? 
  • Pros and Cons 
  • ICT At Seisen: Communicate | Organize | Collaborate | Create | Investigate 
  • Becoming responsible digital citizens 
  • Care of Devices 
  • Q&A Session
Session 1 was held on Monday 29th May in the morning.  Tonight (Wednesday 31st May) we will hold the second session at 6.30pm in Ms. Naini's 6B classroom.

Below is the slideshow we will be using during the meetings and you can download a copy of our Phase 4 (Grade 5 and 6) ICT curriculum outcomes by clicking here. 

Friday, 26 May 2017

Grade 5 and 6 Writer's Workshop Celebration

On Tuesday, May 23, Grade 5 celebrated their writing learning and skills growth at the Grade 5 and 6 Writer's Workshop Celebration Day Assembly here at Seisen. Students chose two of their best paragraphs from their past written pieces to showcase their progress as writers to parents, Seisen staff, and Seisen students.

Friday, 19 May 2017

St. Raphaela's Day

Grade 5 spent the day volunteering in Futakotamagawa park. We cleared weeds and prepared the soil for planting flowers. The park hosts several events for small children to learn about nature.  As you can see, students were working hard (and having fun) on this day of service in honor of St. Raphaela.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Media and Advertisement - Analyzing Techniques

Grade 5 have entered into a new month and a final unit! We are amazed how the time passed. Over the coming weeks, students will be inquiring into their new central idea:  people can create or manipulate messages to target specific audience.  Students displayed great interest and excitement to observe and analyze printed and video advertisements during the first and second week.

Unit of Inquiry 6 - How We Express Ourselves (Media and Advertisement)

Central Idea:  People can create or manipulate messages to target specific audience.

Getting Started Activities

The gallery walk activity hooked the students' interest into the unit. With their art analyst thinking caps on, each student viewed each printed advertisement in detail and wrote a response to what was seen, thought, felt and wondered. 

Line of Inquiry #1:  How images, text and sounds and used to influence behaviour of target audiences.

Learning Intention:  To identify and describe multiple techniques used in advertising or commercials.

During the second week of the unit, students learned about various techniques used in advertisements. Groups then collaborated to apply what they learned to analyze and identify multiple techniques used in a printed advertisement; each group successfully identified three or more techniques within the print and described how each technique was used. 

This led students to wonder:

"How do video commercials advertisements use these techniques?"

After getting a better understanding of how techniques are used, each student commenced to explore a variety of video commercials and focus on one to analyze. Students first used Google Docs to note the techniques they observed to help organize their work. With confidence in their understanding of techniques, they began using iMovie. iMovie can be used to upload their chosen video commercial to insert text to label when a technique is used.

Videos Coming Soon!