Thursday, 22 September 2016

September is coming to an end as we approach one more week of the month. Grade 5 is aiming to complete our 1st Unit of Inquiry Peace and Conflict by next Friday. We will move on to our next unit of Global Food Production the following week. Please refer to Seisen Website to view the details of our Unit of Inquiries.

Unit 1 - Unit of Inquiry

Sharing the Planet

Peace and Conflict

Central Idea: Reaching a resolution during or moments of conflict is influenced by the actions and reactions of all involved.

Lines of Inquiry:
  • Causes of conflict (personal, local, and global) 
  • Consequences of actions/strategies 
  • Strategies to resolve conflicts 

Unit 2 - Unit of Inquiry

How We Organize Ourselves

Global Food Production

Central Idea: People have developed systems for producing and distributing food around the world

Lines of Inquiry:

Varying diets around the world

Food production and distribution

Sustainable practices in food production

We would like to thank all Grade 5A parents for participating Parents Day. The students were excited to come in the following day and see their parents’ work and messages. They are thrilled to have their parents support their learning.

Global-Mindness Day

The students had such a splendid day as they participated in activities to expand their knowledge and understanding on what it means to be a global citizen and be globally minded. The Phase 4 Team (Grade 5 and 6) organized three activities for House groups.

Yarn Web Connection - Each students shared information about themselves to their house group. Another student would raise her hand if she shared the same interest and catch the ball of yarn from the student. What a web we weaved!

Elmer the Elephant - Students either read or watched the story of Elmer the color-patch elephant who is different from the other elephants. Groups brainstormed how a globally-minded elephant and a non-globally-minded elephant would respond to Elmer.

We played a bit of Heads Up with our worldly knowledge.

Unit of Inquiry

Learning Intention:

Identify the multiple causes of conflict and support with facts

Causation, Perspective

Students worked with their Book Club groups to research using Seisen Media Center resources to compare and contrast the Pearl Harbor events and 9/11 events. Students are making connections between the past and present. Each student was not only to find facts about the events but also develop an understanding of the reasons behind the actions and decisions that were made. We are building up understanding the Syrian and Refugee Crisis.

Home Learning Assignment - Family Table Talk Activity

1) Share a story of a family member or family friend who experienced a global conflict (examples: World War II, World War 1, Korean War, civil war, revolution war, etc).

2) Share your knowledge about global conflicts with each other historical and modern. I recommend visiting museums this weekend such as the Edo Museum has a historical display of historical conflicts. If not, watch historical documentaries or movies related to global conflicts. (Family Movie Night!!!) You may also read the current news together. discuss what the causes of conflict were, consequences of actions/strategies, and strategies to resolve conflict.

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