Thursday, 6 October 2016

Grade 5 Blog
By.  Kate Kamikubo  and Sanskriti Sinha

October has started and so Grade 5 is aiming to start our second Unit of Inquiry, Global Food Production on October 4th. Please refer to Seisen Website to view the details of our Unit of Inquiries.

Unit 2 - Unit of Inquiry
How We Organize Ourselves
Global Food Production
Central Idea:  People have developed systems for producing and distributing food around the world
Lines of Inquiry:
  • Varying diets around the world
  • Food production and distribution
  • Sustainable practices in food production

Unit of Inquiry

Learning Intention:
  • Tuning into the unit about varying diets around the world
  • Food production and distribution

All students tuned in by doing an activity named Banana-Split in which all students got in groups and in each group divided 30 pences according to the job they were pretending to be.

Another way they tuned in was by making a mind map in which they were telling their balanced diet.

They did another activity to tune in to our unit by guessing and writing origin countries on post-it note. Then they stuck it on each fruit and vegetable sheet.

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