Thursday, 20 October 2016

October in Grade Five

We are now at the middle of October month, and approaching the 4th week of our Global Food Production unit. This week, Grade 5 focused on inquiring food production and distribution. Each student chose the following farming method groups: aquaculture, industrial farming, subsistence agriculture, and organic agriculture. Each group investigated how food was produced using the farming method. 

Unit 2 - Unit of Inquiry

How We Organize Ourselves

Global Food Production

Central Idea: People have developed systems for producing and distributing food around the world 

Lines of Inquiry: 

Food production and distribution 

Success Criteria: 

List and describe how food is produced using a farming method. 

Each student completed the given investigation note-taking handout to focus on how food is produced using their chosen farming method. 

Members of groups met with other groups to compare and contrast farming method. 

Afterward, students joined their groups to share and describe the farming method.

Quotes from students:

Gopika: “We were studying about Global Food Production. In this activity we were in groups and investigating about specific farming methods. The groups were industrial agriculture, subsistence agriculture, organic farming, and aquaculture. Within our groups we investigated and we compared our notes to each other.”

Kate: “Well, I think it went successfully since we were showing every graphic organizer.”

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