Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Systems, Tools and Technology of Past Civilizations

Unit of Inquiry #5 - Where We Are In Place and Time (Past Civilisation)
Grade 5 continued their learning of past civilisations during the fourth week of the unit! Students are inquiring into their central idea: Evidence of the past civilisation can be used to make connections to present-day societies. We see evidence of students making connections of systems, tools and technology between past civilisations to present-day. Students are displaying excitement with their research and discovery, and demonstrating independence and cooperation with their groups to post their learnings on the hallway bulletin boards.

Central Idea: Evidence of the past civilisation can be used to make connections to present-day societies.
Lines of Inquiry: Characteristics of civilisations and societies.
Connections between past and present societies.

Learning Intention #1: To identify and explain important aspects of a civilization/society.
Investigation Activities

As a getting started an activity, individuals synthesise information from various online video sources to further develop an understanding of the key characteristics of civilization. Students viewed what life was like before civilization to life during civilization.

Learning Intention #2: To identify and describe a system, tool or technology that benefitted a past civilization.
“What have the Romans done for us?” - Monty Python
The next day, each student browsed through a variety of online encyclopaedias, informative websites, and videos on Ancient Roman civilization. Students listed Roman systems, tools and technology and described how each used. Each student demonstrated being a researcher by recording the information gathered in the efficient and effective way, and reflecting the quality of information using success criteria.

On Thursday, Grade 5 students were able to list systems, tools and technology from a past civilization. Each student chose a past civilization to focus on her investigation for the remainder of the unit. The investigation focused on listing and describing systems, tools and technology that benefited a civilization's growth and development. Students sought and selected the best sources of information for the task.

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